It’s the holiday season, and we want to give back — with prizes.

For joining our over 1,900 Twitter followers, we’re giving away two Starbucks gift cards (one $10, one $15) to two Timber Creek students that text TALONBUCKS and their Student ID to 37607 before Dec. 3, 2015.


If you don’t have a phone, or just don’t want to text, stop by room M 104 to sign up. You’ll still need to provide your student ID number as this is only open to TCHS students.

Students are limited to one entry each, which we’ll verify by phone number and student ID. We’ll pick two random numbers and contact those students to claim their gift cards. Then enjoy the coffee, cocoa, or whatever.

But that’s not the only prize surprise we’re planning before Dec. 18 (the start of holiday break). Our Talon Broadsheet Scavenger Hunt will run from Dec. 14-18, 2015, asking TCHS students to find all 20 hidden QR codes around the school. Many more details will be provided about this adventure in the near future, but for now, just expect more gift cards and other goodies for those who find them all.