Thirty-seven Timber Creek artworks were virtually judged in the TAEA State VASE competition over the weekend. Adrea Hardy, Jacob Kuchar, Hannah Ongmanchi, and Ava Pilcher received Gold Seals for their pieces.

“A lot of time and effort went into this piece, both in class and at home. There were definitely a lot of late nights and weekends spent on campus” Ongmanchi said about the process of creating her piece, 9 To 5.

State VASE is an annual event held every April. This year, it was set to take place at San Marcos High School. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a physical event could not be held. Instead, the judging process was done virtually.

“This year was my first year to advance to State VASE, so it really was a bummer to hear that the trip was canceled,” Ongmanchi said. “I’m glad that the competition was able to be continued online, but one of the best parts of VASE is being able to see everyone’s artwork in person. I hope I can advance again and experience the full thing next year.”
1,864 pieces from all over Texas advanced to State. Thirty seven of those pieces werefrom Timber Creek. State-wide, 150 pieces received Gold Seals. Timber Creek students made four of those pieces.
“I feel so blessed to have received a gold seal. I never would have imagined that I’d be recognized among so many other talented artists. I know how much hard work was poured into every piece that competed, so it’s really satisfying to see myself and other incredible students be awarded,” Ongmanchi said.
Below are the four student pieces that received Gold Seals.

Artificial Beauty

by Adrea Hardy


Tim’s Thinkin’ About It

By Jacob Kuchar


9 To 5

By Hannah Ongmanchi


Gradually Deteriorate

By Ava Pilcher