Falcons vs. Elks, Sept. 4, 2014. Photo by Milly Orellana, The Creek Yearbook.
Falcons vs. Elks, Sept. 4, 2014. Photo by Milly Orellana, The Creek Yearbook.

This past Thursday night at Keller ISD stadium the Falcons were tested and fought to overcome the challenge brought by their opponents the Burleson Elks.

The first quarter started well for the Falcons with a field goal by Benji Martinez and a 28-yard TD run by Braxton Washington. That energy changed for the worse after the quarter ended. The Elks put up 34 points on their scoreboard in the second quarter. The Falcons were not out however, after a blocked Elk field goal attempt, Washington ran the ball 97 yards to score 2 points. This was followed by QB Anthony Millsap’s 1-yard TD run and RB Recie Saunder’s successful 2-point conversion. The score settled to 34 Elks versus the Falcon’s 20 at

The second half belonged to the Falcon’s running back #25 Recie Saunders. Saunders got 187 yards for the game on 24 carries and three TDs before the end of regulation. It was a down to the wire fight to the end with both teams scoring on each other. The Falcons scored 14 points to Burleson’s 7 in the third and the Falcon’s last TD in the forth quarter sent the game into overtime with 41 points for both teams. After the tremendous job done by the Falcon’s defense in the second half. Elk freshman kicker Hayden Whitten narrowly made the 42 yard field goal needed in their possession to bring the Elks close to victory.

However, the victory went to the home team, after pushing through to the 6 yard line from the 25 and three rushing attempts to the end zone, Saunders would catch a three yard pass from Millsap for the winning touchdown in overtime. Final score: Falcons 47, Elks 44.

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