(Combined shots from a YouTube video announcing the #WearYellowForSeth campaign.)
(Combined shots from a YouTube video announcing the #WearYellowForSeth campaign.)

Timber Creek is organizing to wear yellow to support an inspiring British 5-year-old with an autoimmune disorder.

Seth (pictured) has Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) and is currently waiting to get a second bone marrow transplant on March 27.

To help support his journey, Seth’s parents have pushed for people to #WearYellowForSeth and post their photos to social media with that hashtag. Once posted, Seth’s parents plan to show him all the photos and print some out to fill his hospital room with support from around the world.

Teachers Justin Hennig and Renee Clark shared the video with Student Council sponsor Brian Day, who was inspired to call on all teachers and students to wear yellow on Friday in support.

“This child is suffering and this simple act of awareness would be huge for him and his family,” Day said in an e-mail to teachers and staff. “I think it is a great opportunity to show some citizenship by doing something very simple and selfless for someone else.”