Football season commences tonight with our varsity team taking on Irving Nimitz. Because of this, it is important that attending students and their families alike understand the regulations as well as procedures involved with tonight’s game and the games to come.

First, general admission tickets are available online, at each KISD high school during the week of the game, and at the gate on the home side only for any varsity game. Reserved seating tickets are available for purchase online only, and tickets for visiting teams outside of Keller ISD will be available for purchase online or at the game on the visitor’s side only.

Home side parking is available in the parking lot west of the stadium and visitor side parking is available on the lot east of the stadium. Attendees on both sides of the stadium are welcome to park in the overflow lot north of the stadium on the other side of Johnson Road. Home team attendees must enter on the home side and visiting attendees must enter on the visitor’s side; crossing over to the other side is not permitted.

kisd stadium arrangement

As far as field access is concerned, adults and students not leading or helping manage a performing group, such as the football team, band, drill team, or the cheerleaders, must have a field pass on their person in order to be allowed on the sideline. Therefore, photographers, guests, district and campus administrators will all need field passes.

Students attending the game are reminded that no baby powder, water, confetti, horns, or negative chants about the opposing team are allowed, in accordance with Good Sportsmanship policies issued by KISD. Positive chants are encouraged – especially about Timber Creek!

The 2015 Keller ISD Stadium Tailgating Policy as outlined by Bob DeJonge, KISD’s Director of Athletics, is posted below:

KISD Tailgating Policy