The Project Graduation Committee plans to produce a Senior Book to be released on Senior Night, Oct. 29.

Project Graduation is an all-night celebration of graduation.  It is a fun, safe way for all the seniors to get together and have a good time on the night of graduation and it is the last time all seniors will have the opportunity to be together.

The goal of the Senior Book fundraiser is to promote senior specific events like Project Graduation, Prom, Graduation, Fall Senior Athletes, Senior Organization and Club members, and more. Senior parents can create fun memory ads for their senior that would be included in this one time publication. The proceeds will go to Project Graduation.

Ads purchased for this Senior Book are only included within the Project Graduation publication. For information on Senior Ads for The Creek Yearbook, please click here.

Ads for the Senior Book (may include picture(s) and text)

  • Full Page: 8.0″w x 10.5″h, $110, up to 5 pictures
  • Half Page: 7.0″w x 4.5″h, $65, up to 3 pictures
  • Quarter Page: 3.375″w x 4.5″h, $35, 1 picture

Digital Artwork

  • Please supply files in .jpg or tiff formats
  • Please name files with your Senior’s name (e.g. ‘JennySmith.jpg’, ‘TomSmith.tiff’)
  • Image resolution: 300 dpi
  • Ads can be accepted on a CD
  • E-mail files can be accepted at:

This first time project is designed to serve as a fun way to honor our seniors but also as an educational and promotional tool for Project Graduation.

The group has a quick deadline so they need your commitment on or before Sept. 30 (complete attached form and check). Organizers will accept ad information on or before Oct. 2. Please complete your form and make checks payable to Timber Creek Project Graduation. Deliver forms and checks to Timber Creek in an envelope labeled Project Graduation Senior Ad. (Should questions arise, please feel free to contact Heather Vela at 817-845-4291)

The group is also looking for vendors to advertise and are offering clubs and organizations a reduced rate to feature their seniors members group ads.