Senior Class President Addie Whitaker shows a comparison of here 2014 and 2015 mums.
Senior Class President Addie Whitaker and others show a comparison of there 2014 and 2015 mums.

Homecoming has come and gone, and with the rise and fall of excitement also brought a significant amount raised for the #ShrinkYourMums campaign.

The initial goal was to raise a modest $175, but the TCHS community exceeded expectations by a long shot. Senior Class President Addie Whitaker said about 50 of the buttons were sold, raising $370 in cash. When combined with $30 in written checks directly to NFFF, and an additional $200 from online receipts, the total amount raised came out to be $600.

Several people who participated in the #ShrinkYourMums went so far as to physically shrink their mums as well, showing those around them that their donations are more than enough to show their spirit. The photo above shows Whitaker and others who shrunk their mums from 2014 to 2015.