Timber Creek’s very own Dell Ison won this September’s IT’S award from Keller ISD. He has won this award for Audio/Video (AV) production. The IT’S stands for Innovative Teacher Grants, and Mr. Ison has won two including: “It’s Not Easy Working With Green” and “Media on the Go, Take 2.” He has a big part in the student production of TCTV, which is shown every morning during second period.

Ison’s job includes teaching the freshman the foundation of media production and then teachers AV students who have taken the beginners course how to film events and edit the video. Because the students have done so well, the TCTV crew is now part of the group that controls the video display on the score board at the Keller ISD stadium. The TCTV students run the replay system and other video playback systems. Along with that they control filming from the balcony, side lines and end zone cameras.

“It’s such a great opportunity for our kids to learn these skills and bring them to the next level, if not getting a real job at that level,” says Ison.

He feels a big responsibility to teach them what he knows so that they can have successful careers. So what’s his goal?

“What I want to leave my kids with when they graduate from here is a sense of what the real world is like,” Ison said. “I was in the real world for 20 years as a news photographer and I want to bring them that sense of how the business works in media and to take that and use that as their guide to get a job.”

Ison done a fantastic job teaching his students and they are well prepared for this type of job, thanks to his teaching and instruction. Don’t forget to watch TCTV and keep in touch with what is going on at school.