The TCHS student section "The Nest" cheers during the Sept. 11, 2015 Homecoming game against Irving. (Photo from The Creek Yearbook photographer Phil Oliveria.)
The TCHS student section “The Nest” cheers during the Sept. 11, 2015 Homecoming game against Irving. (Photo from The Creek Yearbook photographer Phil Oliveira.)

Electric. If there was one way to describe the Timber Creek student section during the Falcons’ win over Irving on Friday night it would be this.

The section was everything you could want from adoring fans: raucous, wild, and rowdy, but in a positive way cheering for their team fiercely throughout all four quarters.

As I embedded myself deeper and deeper into the student section, the wilder and noisier it became. Fueled by screams of joy and equally loud cries of disappointment as the Falcons’ narrowly missed an interception or fumble recovery, I found it completely and utterly contagious as the mood and feelings of the student section quickly became my mood and feelings. It made me feel like I was apart of something, a team separate from that on the field but one just as passionate and cohesive in the stands.

“Seeing the student section have a lot of school pride makes the games more exhilarating,” student Brianna Heisler commented. “Friday night lights make your heart pound.”

A comment like this shows you how together the student section was during the Falcons’ first victory of the season.

“It was heart racing and made me appreciate our football team. And it definitely convinced me to go to more games,” another student of Timber Creek, Kristian Ramirez, screamed over the crowd noise.

It became apparent to me that the Timber Creek student section crowd noise was in a league of its own when I momentarily left it. On my way back, I looked at the parent section and just the general vibe of the rest of the stands and it wasn’t even close to as impassioned as the Timber Creek student section. From first downs to third downs to all the little things in between the Timber Creek student section was the picture perfect example of crowd support. If one person in the student section fervently supports the team, the rest are sure to follow in a hurry. With all of this and a solid win for the Falcons, it definitely made it a homecoming game to remember.