senior-photos-640Yearbook photos for all 9-11 graders and all staff will be on Sept. 15 or 16 in the Library. These dates are for 9-11 grade only, please see below for information on Senior pictures.

Photos for students will be scheduled during your English classes. See the complete photo schedule below, or click here for a PDF version: Engish Yearbook Photo Schedule

full sched jpg

The only formal portraits allowed in the senior yearbook pages are the traditional tuxedo and drape photos from Glamourcraft. Yearbook photos are taken free of charge for all students. Photo purchases are optional. If your senior has not yet had their Glamourcraft pictures taken, they must call to make an appointment immediately  Satursday, Oct. 3 will be the last day that Glamourcraft will be set up at TCHS for senior pictures. Call 817-292-8989 to set up your senior photo time.

Staff may have their photo taken at any time during the school day on Sept. 15 or 16.

To order a yearbook or senior ad go to