The Timber Creek Falcons participated in the UIL 6A Regional Meet on Monday, Oct. 26.

The top four teams qualified for the meet, but even though both the boys and girls scratched and clawed and fought as hard as they could, both teams came in 6th place. As a result, neither will be advancing to the State meet in Round Rock.

The top five runners for the boys were, in subsequent order, Kristian Ramirez-15th place, 15:26, Hassan Jordan- 15:53, 34th place, Mauri Padilla-41th place, 15:56, Efren Garza-56th place, 16:08, and Braden Lange-16:13, 64th place.

The girls top five runners were, as follows, Mimi Garza-18:45, 30th place, Amelia Barrett-37th place, 18:59, Nicole Small-52nd place, 19:18, Amanda Gordon-57th, 19:25, and Erika Barrett-64th, 19:39.

The entire school couldn’t be more proud of the entire team, especially those above, put in throughout the season.

Coach Dan Strong said the Falcons are looking forward to Nike, and reaching that next level next season.