Timber Creek’s Library is reminding students to return or renew their books — or pay the price.

Library books checked out must be renewed every two weeks, but a lot of students have forgotten to do so, resulting in fines. TCHS Librarian Brandy Abbott has tried to reach out to the student body through TCTV, the Talon, and other methods to get their fines and overdue library books in.

Because of the abundance of library fines, the library has had to send printed out notifications showing the balance of fines owed to the library through the attendance office. Fines aren’t removed from your file, or student account, so if you don’t pay there will be consequences. Consequences can include being charged for the full price of the book, or even withholding your graduating diploma. The deadline for fines is the end of the first semester.

Beyond the monetary cost, students need to turn in overdue items because other students can’t enjoy them and use them if they don’t get turned in.

You can turn in your library books and pay fines to the Timber Creek librarian, Brandy Abbott, or library aides. Payment is preferably cash, but speak to the librarian for other payment options.