The Timber Creek AVID program is looking for more tutors.

AVID is a program with the goal of helping students succeed in college. To do so those students must practice their skills in not only being attentive, but also how to study and behave in group tutorials. Those tutorials are a vital part of the AVID program and a fundamental part of those very groups are the older tutors themselves. Without the tutors, the tutorials would be a mess because there would be no one experienced to guide the students.

So AVID teachers, Sheila Sterling and Christi Boswell have agreed that the program is in need of more tutors.

“We need as many as we can get,” Boswell said.

Tutoring positions are not limited to just Timber Creek. “If the hours here don’t work, then positions at other high schools or middle schools are available,” Boswell said.

Tutors can earn $12 an hour and work up to 15 hours a week.

“They must at least be a high school graduate, pass a background check, be a good leader, and have academic knowledge of at least one subject,” said Boswell.

If you wish to apply please contact either Boswell or Sterling, who both teach the AVID class at Timber Creek, at Christi.Boswell@Kellerisd.net or Sheila.Sterling@Kellerisd.net for further information on submitting an application.