Students with an asterisk (*) next to any of their classes on their transcript who have not yet been notified about seat time need to come visit the attendance office as soon as possible.

Those who need to make up for seat time can come in during tutorials (30 minutes) before or after school in any of the classes they are currently taking. This counts as one full credit hour. They can also attend Saturday school which begins at 8 a.m. in front of the campus. Credit will only be restored for the time served.

Seat times are presented whenever a student exceeds nine absences in their 1st or 5th per semester. In their A/B Day classes, they cannot miss more than 5 days per semester. Consequences for not making up seat times include not getting credit for that certain class, leading to further repercussions concerning the student’s ability to graduate. Additionally, they would be unable to receive their VOE forms which they will need when applying for their permit.

For the credit recovery sheet or other questions, visit the attendance office. Reports for owed seat time for the current semester are expected to be available in late January.

Home Access tip: In order to view which classes you were absent in on your smart phone, go to the home page and simply click on “Week View.”