TCHS students submitted their best art work for a gallery walk that took place on Thursday, Dec. 3. at 6:30 p.m.

Over 100 works of art were submitted and hung up on the walls throughout the Fine Arts hall for all to see. Art teachers decided to leave everything exactly where it is so that students could see the hard work from all the art students throughout the school day as well.

“The gallery walk is a good way to show that what we’ve been doing with our art, has been building up to something big,” digital artist Lindsay Garner said.

Garner ended up submitting 3 different pieces of art and all of them were chosen for the gallery walk.

“Since most of my work is digital, a lot of inspiration comes from the pictures that I take,” Garner said.

Depending on what sort of art you create, your inspiration can vary greatly, an artist isn’t bound to just one art style either. All in all, the gallery walk was a huge success and gave students the opportunity to appreciate all the hard work our fine arts department does to make sure students are recognized for their artistic expression.