Recently TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) came up with the idea to give various teacher’s awards of excellence or absurdity to show appreciation for the many hard working teachers we have on campus. The awards read as follows by educational department:


-Unknown Variable Award: To the Teacher that does so much for the students and coworkers and goes above and beyond for the task given.

Winner: Stacy Cleveland

-Bermuda Triangle Award: For the teacher whose desk is where things go and in but never come out, yet they know their own organizational system like the back of their hand.

Winner: Jake Miller


-Newton Award: For the teacher that is everywhere at once. A teacher in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an opposing force.

Winner: Brian Day

-Photosynthesis Award: For the teacher always expanding their knowledge in different areas of their subject and constantly finding new and fun ways to teach.

Winner: Allen Cotton


-Shakespeare Award: For the teacher that has an amazing way with words and inspires their students to get super creative in their writing

Winner: Nona Kummell

-Poetic Professor Award: To the teacher who inspires and connects with their students so well that literature appears to come to life.

Winner: Carol Hopson

World Language:

-Hola Award: This teacher is very friendly and outgoing. They sign or speak fluently and fascinates their students, their encouraging them to travel the globe with words.

Winner: Stephani Biggs

-Bonjour Décor Award: This teacher has decorated their classroom to make students feel like they are in a different part of the world.

Winner: Roger Thomas


-Crash Course Award: To the teacher that takes control of the classroom and makes the often difficult journey through history exciting and relevant.

Winner: Mike Otto

-Honest Abe Award: This teacher definitely knows their history, always has their facts straight, and doesn’t mind letting everyone know… All the time!

Winner: Colman Roach


-Geek Squad Award: This teacher is truly the epitome of a technology guru. If anyone has a technology related question or problem this is the person to seek first. If they can’t fix it, it’s probably not fixable. Better call 1200!

Winner: Greg Janda

-Career Captain Award: For the teacher that actively strives to prepare their students for a successful life after high school by promoting coherent career path mixed with real and relevant world experiences. This teacher helps their students long after graduation by instilling the proper character traits and values of success.

Winner: Kim Smith

-Duct Tape Award: To the one teacher who is able to fix just about anything. From technology to broken hearts, this teacher’s always there to put things back together even if it’s not in their job description.

Winner: Emily Boehringer

Special Ed:

-Friend in Me Award: This award is for the teacher who not only teaches academic lessons, but life lessons as well. This teacher inspires everyone, not just their students.

Winner: Renee Clark

-Helping Hand Award: This award goes to the teacher who is always a short distance away willing to lend a helping hand. They are supportive and amazing!!!

Winner: Ashley Dolecki

Fine Arts:

-Walt Disney Award: This teacher has a way of encouraging their student’s creativity and imagination allowing them to express themselves through different arts or media and innovative ways.

Winner: Blake Wilson

-Around The Clock Award: For the teacher who practically makes their second home… the teacher who is willing to stay after school to help their students with projects, preps, and rehearsals.

Winner: Darla McBryde

Teachers receiving these awards have large poster versions of certificates created by TAFE members hanging outside their classrooms.