Photos from Oct. 29, 2015 Senior Pep Rally. (Photos by The Creek Yearbook photographer Phil Oliveira.)
Photos from Oct. 29, 2015 Senior Pep Rally. (Photos by The Creek Yearbook photographer Phil Oliveira.)

The Timber Creek yearbook averages on publishing 320 pages each year. This year the yearbook is publishing 344. As the class grows each year, more pages are added for the students to cover. While each of the over 3,000 students and staff are represented within the yearbook, it’s a smaller group of 23 students that make up the The Creek Yearbook staff.

Staff members said each page takes a month to complete on average. Though many of the pages are columns of photos of students, each page is designed by these student staff members. The class consists of 23 students and six editors out of the 23.

Students pick pages once the year starts by going alphabetically by name down the line and saying what they’ll cover based on what they’re interested in.

Senior Sabrina Trejo has been in the yearbook class for three years, and has been an editor for two of them.

“These past three years has taught me a lot,” Trejo said. “It’s improved my English skills, it gives me a different perspective and makes me want to write something interesting every time I get the chance, as opposed to just stating the facts.”

During the summer students in the yearbook class have the option to attend a yearbook camp where they meet other yearbook staffs and a publishing company on how to improve next year’s book. The staff stays three days and two nights at the Gaylord Texan.

“I now have an eye for colors, when we go to yearbook camps we would spend one day looking at colors,” Trejo said. “Because of that camp, any place I go now I notice nice colors when I see them and plan to use them for a future yearbook theme.”

View a preview video for this year’s Yearbook below:

“Yearbook has definitely been a blessing friend wise, they are all great people and it’s nice because we all have a common interest. We try not to use the phrase Falcon Family in our yearbook, although I feel like this class is a definite family. Even our group message is always getting blown up by somebody, it’s just a great environment,” said Trejo.

At the beginning of the year, a veteran or someone who has been in the class in previous years, are assigned a “newbie” to teach them the ways of the yearbook.

“As an editor I’ve gotten to learn how to teach, this year I’m teaching my partner Bailey Brunelle. The editors have to go and make sure everyone is following the rules we have, and check up on our partners,” said Trejo.

The yearbook this year is the first one that doesn’t have a theme to it. Last year’s theme was built around the concept of coffee. Take a look at photos from last year’s Yearbook by clicking here.

“This yearbook, out of all five yearbooks, is the one I’m looking most forward to. Every year we always want to see our product finally in our hands, but this year I’m so excited because I’m in love with it,” said Trejo. “This is a Timber Creek yearbook, no questions. It’s simply we are Timber Creek, this is Timber Creek, it’ll always be Timber Creek.”

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