On Tuesday, Dec. 12, Mackenzie Kunstmann became the first graduate of Flight School. After dropping out 3 times and struggling with a variety of courses, Kunstmann turned to Flight School to complete her high school career. Completing 17 courses in almost 2 months Kuntsmann, has used self motivation and determination to thrive.

Flight School allows the student to work at their own pace, which allowed her to balance her school work and work schedule.

“It puts less pressure on ranks and grades,” said Kunstmann emphasizing on the lack of stress and increased flexibility that Flight School allows.

Based mainly online, Flight School offers a unique opportunity for students that can’t accommodate to the regular school schedule. This allows the student to work at a steady pace according to their own preferences with minimum requirements. The online program used requires students only to complete a course in 3 weeks and maintain an average above a 70 similar to regular school requirements.

“The three week deadline was never a problem” says Kunstmann, “I generally completed a course within a week, due to the fast pace”

The online program consists of a initial pretest for each unit enabling the individual to surpass the unit if a certain score is achieved.

“I was constantly taking pretests” admits Kunstmann, “Wherever I went, if I had free time, I was taking a pretest,” illustrating her dedication to her courses

If the unit is not surpassed through the pretest, the student will simply watch a series of videos, with quizzes throughout, to test the student’s comprehension of the concepts introduced. Afterwards the student would then complete a final test to depict their entire understanding of the material covered within the unit.

“It was a little more work overall, but I was allowed to work at my own expectation level,” Kunstmann says.

With some courses that Flight School does not offer, including French, the student is connected with an on campus teacher, to receive their work and submit it for a grade.

Flight School overall permits the student to succeed in their own environment without the stressful and occasionally overwhelming background of campus life. Despite the removal from the universal high school experience the student can still maintain social relations and a steady home life, all while completing classwork to graduate and move on towards their future.