Having first started practicing with the boys rugby squad, junior Victoria Ramos has started Timber Creek’s first ever Girls Rugby Club. Beginning with only three girls in Sept. and now having created a full team, they’ve won two out their first three matches in their first ever game, serving as only the beginning for the growing team.

For Ramos, the team not only helps build strength and stamina, but also creates a family, with everyone starting at the basics and working up.

“No experience is needed. We always start with the basics. Even with the experienced players, we start from the beginning. We explain the game, we explain everything,” Ramos said. “It’s like a sisterhood. It’s such a personal and respectful sport. You can make so many friends out of it.”

As the only girl who practiced with the boys team last year when the Rugby Club was first started, Ramos soon learned that practicing wasn’t sufficient enough for her, wanting more than just going over drills and scrimmaging with the boys.

“Practicing was no longer enough for me, I had to play no matter what,” Ramos said. “After a few months of talking about it with the coach, he finally gave me the go to start recruiting for a girl’s team, and it was one of the best days of my life.”

With the opportunity to start and lead her own squad of rugby players, Ramos fought to make her dream come true. Facing the struggles of training and forming a team head on, Ramos and the coaches have accepted the challenge, taking it step by step.

“This season started off slow at first with only three girls on the team but it is progressively getting bigger and more exciting”, said Ramos. “Mainly we’re focusing on communication and defensive drills, and just getting comfortable playing with each other. Individually I’m working towards being able to lead my team to more victories this season and grow as a well rounded player”

The team had the chance to see how well they could play together in their last game against Celina High School. With a few girls coming inexperienced to the game of rugby, Ramos has found that as an advantage for her team, rather than a hinderance.  The team won two out of the three matches in the game, scoring 21-14 the first round, and 15-10 in their second win.

“Our last game was our first game ever, none of us having ever played a game in our lives, and we rocked it,” Ramos explained. “All the players on the team have their strengths, and we exploited them so well for a first game, it surprised us.”