An English IV class was added for the 2017-18 school year, becoming the first class at Timber Creek that provided two extra days off. More classes have now been added for the 2018-19 school year, so juniors and seniors can participate in more classes like English IV.

These dual courses mean that students do not have to come to class on Monday and Friday. The course will be held on Tuesday through Thursday.

The courses now being offered for the next school year are listed below:

-AP and on-level English III

-AP and on-level English IV

-AP and on-level US History


-AP Macroeconomics

-AP and on-level Government

AP and on-level Government and Economics will be on-level courses while the others will be a regular classroom setting. Mr. Harold will teach the English courses and Ms. Teague will teach AP and on-level US History in the blended classes.

Timber Creek will also have virtual opportunities at school. These classes will be:

-Entrepreneurship (offered outside of school as well)

-Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness

-Principles of business, Marketing, and Finance

-Professional Communications (offered outside of school as well)

-Touch System Data Entry

-French I and II

-German I and II

-Latin I, II and III (only available on Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN), TC does not have full control of grades and the course is much harder than taking it at TC)

-Spanish I and II

-Business Information Management I

-Business Management

-Personal Financial Literacy