Submissions are now open for the Spring 2018 Literature Magazine and will remain open until Feb. 16.

The newest edition of the Lit Mag will contain only the art that may be supplied alongside a piece of writing, but we will not be asking for individual artwork. Student artwork will be included in a separate project to be announced at a later date.

The suggested theme for the Spring 2018 Lit Mag is ‘The Journey.’ This theme is only intended to inspire writers, not to limit creativity. Therefore, pieces that may not coincide with the theme can still be included in the magazine. Written pieces should be less than 1,500 words and can range from short stories to poems, journal entries to original song lyrics.

The Lit Mag is a student produced compilation of original writings by students here at Timber Creek. The goal of this publication is to provide a microphone for voices that may not truly be heard except for in writing, and share their stories for others to connect with or learn from.

Artwork is not being sought for this edition of the magazine. Another art feature is being developed for students to view in the future.