In the Touch Systems Data course at Timber Creek, they are starting off their application of business with a splash of lemonade. On Jan. 24 and 25, the students in Touch Systems data competed against each other to determine who had the superior lemonade recipe.

The main subject they cover in the class is typing but,  the purpose of the lemonade contest was to bring fun into the business portion of the class, and provide an interactive activity that would give students a sense of starting a real business.

The idea to actually have a Lemonade Contest was to generate an engaging activity that would be fun and help remind them, as they proceed through the various Business Application sections of the TEKS,” said Peter Kenaston the touch systems data teacher.

Students wrote letters to businesses asking for donations for lemonade stand to raise money for a fictional organization or charity. They created posters to advertise their stand, which taught them how to use different fonts, change attributes, and add images to their posters.

They created spreadsheets and collected data by playing the game lemonade stand, to predict how their stand would work in the real world. At the very end of class each group would present their stand and their lemonade to the class and the class would decide who would win the grand prize. A candy bar.