With a Dual meet against Southlake High School on Thursday, Jan. 25 at 5 p.m., the Timber Creek Wrestling team is heading towards the very ends of their season, as the boys team is ranked currently seventh in the region, and the girls ranked second regionally and sixth in the state.

Still focused on their next few matches and the outcomes they hope to reach, coaches Jayson Conger and Tyler Harrison are still keying in on the actual process and training before anything else, hoping that the wrestlers will be peaking when they get to Districts, Regionals, and looking towards State.

“This far the kids have responded well to a lot of change in the program and have dedicated themselves to be the best they can be individually,” said Conger. “It will, no doubt, be a challenge to go into [the Dual meet and] their hostile home environment, on their senior night and impose our will on them. It will take every wrestler believing in themselves and rising to the occasion. I have no doubt we are capable and prepared to do just that.”

As the solid team has shown their strive and individual prosperity, Seniors like Tommy Dalzell, Zachary “Nate” Grimes, and Junior Will Burch have shown their efforts throughout the year, with over 20 wins each, providing the consistency that the boys team has strived for.

Likewise, athletes like #1 ranked Bianca Rosales, #2 Chalimarys Rodriguez, #7 Jude Miller, #8 Chalimar Rodriguez, and #10 Rachael Ingram have added to the team’s success, stabilizing the team and showcasing their capabilities. Ready to rise to the challenge, the athletes have gone into the wrestling room each day prepared to meet expectations, and even going beyond their already established abilities, whether that entails watching film, working hard during practice, or extra conditioning.

“Each and every day we go into the wrestling room our goal is that each individual get one percent better,” Conger said. “They have done what they need to in order to accomplish their individual goals. Wrestling was never intended to be a team sport. I always say that it is an individual sport with a team element. If each individual wrestler does their job, win. Then the team will find success. That has been what is occurring this season. You may not always be the stronger wrestler, but you can be more technical or smarter.”