On Feb. 7, all Timber Creek Sky Dancers, Violet Belles, and dance class students with be holding their annual Dance showcase at 7:00 p.m. in the main gym.

Admission is $5 and everyone is welcome to attend, teachers get in free when they show their badge. The show will consist of 30 total dances, 14 Sky Dancer solos, seven dance class performances, three Sky Dancer team performances, three Violet Belle team performances, two Sky Dancer Trios, and one Sky Dancer duet.

“The showcase gives students taking dance as an elective the full experience of being a performer,” said Harris. “They experience what it is like to set and perfect a dance, what it takes to be performance ready, and what it takes the day of the show [costume, makeup, hair].”

The showcase will serve different purposes for the dance class students and the drill team members. Lindsey Harris, the Sky Dancer’s director, talked about what the show will do for the groups.

“The show also serves as a dress rehearsal for the Sky Dancers and Violet Belles,” said Harris. “This is the full run through of their competition dances before they compete the following Saturday.”