Timber Creek students hosted and competed in the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Of all 55 Keller ISD students progressing, Timber Creek has 30 pieces of artwork advancing to the 2018 State VASE. The State VASE will be held in San Marcos on Apr. 27-28 at San Marcos High School.

Regional Director, Mikaela Jaros, volunteered to hold the event, inviting the surrounding schools of Region 11 to Timber Creek.

“I really wanted to change the way VASE was seen by my fellow teachers,’ Jaros said. ‘I wanted to host this huge art competition in a way that would encourage students to continue participating in the arts. I also wanted to showcase to the community how incredibly talented our student artists are.”

Art teacher, Marcy Gardner, details the day occurrences.

The milestones that participants go through determine the scoring on their pieces. They begin by having certain forms while undergoing a qualification check. This criteria review includes authenticating the artist and whether they are within restricted size limits. Afterwards, students are assigned a room and sit down with a juror for an interview. Here, Garner describes how students are encouraged to speak profoundly about their artwork.

“They should talk in a kind of art language. This shows their understanding of the elements and principles of design they might have used,” Gardner said.

Throughout the process, the various pieces are sorted by the art levels into their according sections. The artwork is then graded into divisions of one, two, three, or four. Many guideline points attribute to the simple result. Finally, only a certain percentage of the “Fours” would advance to the State VASE.

Meeting all requirements and surpassing the scrutiny of judges, the State Qualifiers include:

Pinto, Jolene

Wiggins, Meredith

Baker, Gracie

Gopffarth, Karson

Hempen, Haley

Kuchar, Jacob

Leal, Tomas

Levine, Gabriella

Levine, Gabriella

Rush, Nina

Schmidt, Valerie

Smith, Tamara

Boggs, Hannah

Fernandez, Janae

Howard, Jake

Uribe Lopez, Isabela

Xie, Ziqian

Xu, Victoria

Dunn, Meleya

Lewis, Adrienne

Mejia Lopez, Danna

Aguirre, Destinee S.

Allen, Paige

Bisso, Steven

Levie, Katee

Martinez, Jose-carlo

Pagan Marcano, Mariangelis

Uribe- Lopez, Grecia

Everett, Grace