Rosalinda Scott, sheltered ESL teacher, was awarded this years Timber Creek Teacher of the Year.

Scott teaches ESL, or English second language science classes. The students range from those who can’t speak English to those who speak English just fine.

“There are so many levels of students,” explained Scott. “So it’s being able to differentiate the lessons is what’s hard.”

Scott focuses on science content, but in a small classroom where she can focus on the vocabulary of the subject, allowing them to grow in their English language skills. She teaches one IPC, Biology, Chemistry, and one Physics class. All of her classes are filled with ESL students and sides having to differentiate lessons for students, Scott has to differentiate all of the lessons for her classes, teaching four different subjects.

Even though it’s challenging, Scott explained how the, “Pay off is that I get to see them year after year, I see how they progress and that’s something I never got to see as a regular teacher.”

Teacher of the year is an award nominated and voted on by the teachers. The teachers nominate who they think should receive the award, and then the finalists are chosen then voted on by all the teachers.

“I feel so humbled to represent such a wonderful school,” said Scott. “There are so many excellent teachers that I admire so much, so to be chosen out of all of them is just amazing.”

Last year’s recipient of the award was Greg Janda. Read about it here. Coverage on Scott’s trip to the Amazon can also be viewed here.