The Timber Creek Wrestling program had its best finish in team history, returning from Houston with three State UIL Championship medals and a sixth place finish. With five of the six girl state qualifiers returning next season, one in particular has proven over and over that she has what it takes to bring the heat, as Bianca Rosales has shown total domination of both her fears, and the competition.

“This season has been one of best ones I’ve had so far, so I was really excited,” said Rosales. “There were situations where I could’ve done better and I realized that, so now [I’m] going to look to fix those [mistakes].”

Although just a junior, Rosales has proven to be one of the top wrestlers within back to back seasons, leaving no doubt who the best athlete is every time she hits the mat. At 185 pounds, she has shined through the competition, starting off with a 57-0 win against Fort Worth Paschal, taking first at the Trojan Classic and ultimately leading her squad past regional for a chance at a state title.

“This year I grew much more than I did my first two [seasons], but this year I learned a lot more to [improve myself],” explained Rosales. “You have to work harder to achieve what you want.” 

Despite not coming home with a state title under her belt, Rosales still managed to put together a constructive season to learn from going forward. With wrestling giving each athlete a chance to set their own personal goals, her mentality became directly focused on her work ethic, carrying with her every time she competes a “lather, rinse, repeat” type formula. Almost like it’s in her blood, the routine has been a part of her for her entire life, while only recently becoming her focus in wrestling within the recent years as her passion and interest for the sport grew.

“I really got into it when one of my friends invited me to it,” Rosales said. “From there it really just took off. I was just strong, I didn’t really know that much [about the sport].”

The state runner-up praises the quality of mentor-ship by her coaches, and how far they’ve pushed her to become better. Yet, her true inspiration isn’t from the individual’s standing on the outside of the mat; it’s from the people that helped start it all. Investing in her future through both time and money, her family has served as her inspiration, allowing her to continue the sport that she loves. Now preparing to look towards her senior year’s season, Rosales hopes to add to her already stacked resume, and progress her success to its peak. With the expectations continuing to grow; the sky seems to be the limit for the young star wrestler. When asked what her goal was for next season, the back to back state runner-up had only one answer:

“State Title.”