The Lady Falcons soccer team started out their season strong Jan. 4-6 during the annual Rex King Memorial Tournament with two solid wins. They went on from the tournament to begin a three game tied streak against Midway, Grapevine and Plano. 

Despite a brief battle, the Lady Falcons broke out of the three tie streak with a series of wins to once again prove they wouldn’t settle for anything less than greatness. Playoffs remains a lingering question in the minds of players, however Coach Michael King has full confidence in the team’s abilities.

“[Making playoffs and performing well is] an expectation, not a goal,” said Coach King. “We typically don’t set goals.  We consider our season a process.  Our season is a series of steps we take to achieve what every team desires, a state championship.”

The desire expressed by Coach King to achieve a state championship and proceed further into playoffs is also echoed among the players as well.

“We have many goals this season” says Kaylee Bogle (11) “one of them is to go deeper into playoffs then we did last year.”

Connections run strong within the team as well allowing them to surpass their initial struggles and become the powerhouse that runs the field today. Colleen Anderson (11), the Lady Falcon’s defender has witnessed the team’s growth first hand.

“We had some struggles at the beginning of the year with communicating and connecting on the field” Anderson said “We’ve grown as a team [since the start of the season] and I feel like that has helped to strengthen our relationships and make us better.”

The team has led a promising season and is set to make playoffs for the eighth time in a row continuing a long running team tradition.

“We are a very fluid program,” said King.  “Many of our athletes from the freshman and JV team can help us at any time.  We have a tradition of making the playoff every year.  My hope is to make a strong and long run this year.”

The ladies themselves have set personal goals to achieve this season along with advancing further into playoffs. They’re focus lies not only upon their end objective but also on furthering their individual skills.

“My goal this season is to score a goal” said Anderson “Since I’m a defender I don’t really get the opportunity to do so”

With a total of nine wins this season so far, the latest against Weatherford the Lady Falcons are destined for success. The journey for these dedicated women has only begun and with their continual dedication and determination they will only continue to ascend to the next level.