In the state of Texas, March has been recognized as Youth Art Month, and students have begun to celebrate it with several different activities. Youth Art Month is a month were teachers and students try to promote art wherever they are. It highlights student art, and tries to bring light to how important art is and how it can make an impact on the world. The mini masterpieces are the second activity that students in art classes have done so far but will not be the last. Art teacher, Jennifer Thompson, talked about how she came up with the idea.

“I was trying to think of a way that students could make art that they enjoyed and hopefully art that other students enjoy as well,” said Thompson, ” I also had a lot of note cards, so I thought that would be perfect, and I thought it would be amazing if the school was a gallery.”

Students were instructed to find a “Masterwork”, or work of art that was made by another artist in history and recreate it on a note card. They also had to place a credit line underneath the artwork, so that when the work was placed throughout the school, students would know what masterpiece was recreated. The credit line had to include the artworks name, the size, the artist, when it was made and what museum it is currently located at. Aleena Davis, a student enrolled in Ms. Thompson’s Art 1 class, talked about what she enjoyed while doing this project.

“My favorite thing was getting to see different art, no one could do the same piece, so getting to see all the different art, not just the same one over and over again,” said Davis, “I was a little difficult having such limited space, and it was hard trying to fit everything onto this little card, but it was also really fun.”

Davis’s was one of many pieces hung throughout the school, and in every hallway. Students are encouraged to take a moment to stop and look if they have the chance.