Congratulations to the Timber Creek UIL teams who competed on March 24. These are the students who placed:

Calculator Applications (second place overall):

Ridha Sameer in third place

Matthew Beutel in fifth place

Steven Bisso in sixth place

Current Issues (first place overall):

Michael Fish in first place

Samuel Holsomback in second place

Ethan McQuhae in third place

Abby Pinkerton in fourth place

“The entire team has put in loads of work and seeing that work payoff for us was amazing. Being able to qualify for regionals and having the potential to go to state is an amazing opportunity,” Michael Fish said.

Computer Applications:

Cameron Yancy in third place

Computer Science (third place overall):

Andrew Sylvester in third place

Journalism (first place overall):

“I was very excited to advance because this gives me another opportunity to show off my writing,” Erin Obregon said. “Also I really like medals.”

Feature Writing:

Brooke Boyer in first place

Erin Obregon in second place

Headline Writing:

Aaina Richardson in third place

News Writing:

Brooke Boyer in second place

Erin Obregon in third place

Informative Speaking (first place overall):

Mink Sandhu in first place

Samuel Holsomback in second place

Michael Vilayvanh in third place

Mink was thrilled to earn first place and said it was a lot of fun. “It feels good knowing my hard work has paid off, and showing practicing can equal consisted positive results.”

Lincoln Douglas Debate:

Connor Fitzgerald in third place

He had a different experience with this competition and enjoyed the atmosphere of the event. “I felt that this specific competition was a lot friendlier than the rest…I played a game of Uno with some other debaters in our district whom I’ve never met before,” said Fitzgerald.

Literary Criticism (second place overall):

Katherine Bos in fifth place

Jonas Ortiz in sixth place

Persuasive Speaking:

Roha Khan in first place

Brielle Mitchelle in fifth place

Poetry Interpretation:

Brielle Mitchell in first place

Prose Interpretation:

Roha Khan in first place

Mati Souza in third place

Cecily Anderson in fifth place


Ridha Sameer in fifth place

Social Studies (first place overall):

Wyatt Ingels in second place

Gage Reynolds in third place

Grayson Thanisch in fifth place