Timber Creek High School will have it’s English 1 and English 2 STAAR EOC testing on April 10 and 12, 2018.

Included in this article are testing details, testing rooms, relocation rooms and more information.

Testing Schedule and General Information

Testing for English 1 End of Course (EOC)/STAAR will be on April 10. Testing for English 2 End of Course (EOC)/STAAR will be on April 12. Both days are A Day schedules.

Students who are not testing will go to their normal A Day schedules and attend all classes. Bells for dismissal, tardies and other reminders will not be sounding during testing.

Testing students will need to arrive directly to their testing location (see information below) at or before 8:30 a.m. to begin testing.

The Timber Creek campus is closed to all visitors on state testing days – like April 10 and 12 – parents, visitors and deliveries will not be allowed on campus. Conferences and meetings shout not be taking place until testing has concluded for each day.

Student Testing Locations

Student testing rooms will be in upper and lower South Halls, upper Main Hall, the Library, and the Lecture Hall. All these locations will be shut down and unable to be accessed by non-testing students on April 10 and April 12. If a student has a class that normally meets in one of the impacted locations, please see the relocation rooms further below.

Specific rooms used for testing include M217-M227, S205-S217, S101-115, the Library and the Lecture Hall.

Click this link for STAAR EOC English 1 and 2 Testing April 2018 locations

In the Testing Rooms

English 1 and 2 EOC tests are 5-hour time limited tests. Students will eat lunch within their testing rooms during a scheduled break time that will pause testing time. Water, bathroom, short physical or mental breaks for students do not stop time.

Lunches will be stored separately from backpacks during testing and students will not be allowed to access their backpacks once testing begins. Lunch break will be around 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon). If students do not bring a lunch, they will be able to sign up for a bagged lunch. During lunch break, students cannot communicate about the test. They may not access reading material during the break.

Student and administrators must have all cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices powered off and stored away from testing students. (Our advice is to not bring any non-essential electronic device to school on testing days.) Electronic devices will not be returned to students until students are dismissed from their testing center.

At their desks, students will need a number 2 pencil to bubble their answer document. They may also have scratch paper, highlighters, or additional pencils. Students can bring non-content related reading material for after they are done testing. Those materials should be kept under the desk, face down, while testing. Reading and sleeping are appropriate activities after testing, but students cannot bring blankets or pillows to school. Those wearing hoodies will be asked to put their hoods down during testing.

For the English exams, students will have access to a dictionary in the classroom.

Outside the Testing Room, Relocation Rooms

Non testing students will have a standard school day on April 10 and 12. Classes that are normally held in rooms in South Hall and upper Main will be relocated, see the schedule below for guidance.