After a school year of preparation, AP exams are fast approaching. Testing starts on May 7 and goes through May 18.

Here is the schedule of AP exams:

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And here are the testing locations:

On the day of the test, it is essential to arrive at least thirty minutes early. Anyone who is late will not be admitted with no exceptions. Picture identification like a school ID or a drivers license is required to be let into the testing center. Electronics are not allowed in the testing center, so only bring what you are willing to give up to a proctor. Calculators are only allowed for the AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics exams. To view the full calculator policy, click here.

No. 2 pencils and blue or black pens are needed for taking the test, and ruler or straightedge is permitted for AP Physics exams only. Watches are encouraged as long as they do not beep or have an alarm, but students cannot bring their own scratch paper. It is important to eat a good breakfast before the test and to stay hydrated in order to perform your best.

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