The Timber Creek 2016-2017 yearbook was awarded five more national awards by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association with 39 categories and 4,979 entrees from across the nation.

“CSPA and NSPA are the two big ones, the nationwide,” said Kathy Beers, the Timber Creek Yearbook sponsor.

The Yearbook placed in a total of five categories, it placed first in four categories and third in one category.

“These particular awards are called The Gold Circle Awards, so it’s not an entree for the entire book, its individual parts, like who had the best headlines, who had the best cover, best feature writing, or sports writing and so on,” said Beers.

Mason Chavez, a now graduated Timber Creek student and Freshman at UTA, placed third in the Alternative Story Form category, with his spread “The Great Divide.”

“Mason did his on the division in the country, specifically during the election,” Beers commented, “He talked to six different students and got their take on the election, on if they were going to vote, how they were going to vote and their thoughts on it.”

The second category was Feature Photo, which the Timber Creek Alumni, Amanda Barber placed first with her photo named “Spinning in the Sunshine.”

“That photo was a picture of colorguard, and it’s just gorgeous,” said Beers.

In the category Division Page Design the whole Yearbook staff received recognition for the first place win.

“We all worked together to create the division pages, and take the photos,” said Beers, “The division pages are you know the beginning of each section like the winter section, the beginning of fall section and the beginning of the spring section.”

The fourth category win was awarded to Junior Taylor Deker, for her Student Life Spread called “Being Alex.”

Beers commented, “This spread is being copied this year by schools all over the country, and “Being Alex” actually won second place nationwide with NSPA, and now [the page] won first place with CSPA. So even with different judges, she won first and second place nationwide, which is pretty cool.”

The final award was given, again, to Alumni Amanda Barber for her spread “Bring Me to Life” in the category Organization or Greek Spread.

“This was the Show Choir spread from last year, and that main photo is what draws you in, and she was really smart to run that gorgeous photo across the page, and then to work in the headline, and it was just really really eye catching,” said Beers, “With that photo you’re thinking, ‘Oh gosh are they upset? Are they in pain? I want to know more!'”