Theatre students will be hosting Timber Creeks first ever Improv Show on Tuesday, May 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the blackbox FA116.

The performance will include the improvisational class, taught by Blake Wilson and even a guest judge, Greg Janda, who will be judging some of the improv segments.

The improvisational class provides students a way to learn how to do improv acting, which is to act in a scene without any planning ahead of time for lines or blocking. It is one of many innovative course new to the theatre department that were added to give students a more in depth learning experience.

During the show, there will be many opportunities for audience involvement as well as suggestions. Wilson explained why students, friends and family should come and watch.

“It’ll be fun. This is our first ever improv show, so it’ll be a fun night. You don’t know what you’ll see but it promises to be funny and unexpected,” said Wilson.

This performance is free but people are welcome to bring donations to support the Timber Creek Drama Club.