Jonathan Elliston, three time wheelchair basketball tournament champion, was never just a basketball star. This year, he’s qualified for both the 100 meter, and the 400 meter dash for wheelchair track. This year, he’s aiming for the Top 5 in state.

“I want to beat both my times from last year,” Elliston said. “I hit 20.2 seconds for the 100, and a minute, 18 seconds for the 400.”

For Jonathan, track is a way to relieve stress.

“It’s a way to vent all the anger and anxiety I feel during school,” Elliston said. “It’s just you, and seeing how far and how fast you can go.”

Although Elliston is only trying for races this year, he has expressed an interest in another events in track.

“One of my friends is doing Shot Put this year, so I think I might try that,” Elliston said.

Jonathan’s track record came of his own hard work, and dedication. Unlike with basketball, he doesn’t have as much team support as he does there.

“It’s more individually driven, but we’re all a team when it comes to the sport,” Elliston said.

When it comes time for competitions, there isn’t much pressure.

“The only thing you need to worry about is state, because they only take the top nine,” Elliston said.