On April 21, the Timber Creek UIL Computer Science team participated in Code Quest, a competition hosted by Lockheed Martin.

Code Quest is a computer programming competition that over 1,500 students participated in nationwide. The engineering company, Lockheed Martin, has a goal  to give the students a taste of how programming would work as a career. The teams are given 15-20 problems that real life programmers could face every day. The object is for the teams to solve as many problems as they can in two and a half hours. Senior, Colin Sanders, expressed how beneficial Code Quest was to him.

“I enjoy meeting students and adults who are motivated and share the same passions as me,” said Sanders. “It was also pretty cool to see the Lockheed Martin factories.”

Sanders hopes to pursue a career in computer programming, as he continues on to college.

“I plan on majoring in computer science when I go to college,” said Sanders. “I want to work as a software engineer at one of the technology giants such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook when I enter the work force.”

The Computer Science team has competed in several invitational meets this semester, as well as the District UIL Meet. For three of the teams members, Code Quest will be their final competition.

“I am so proud of the dedication shown by these young men,” said team sponsor, Carla Wright. “Andrew, Rick, and Colin are all seniors and agreed that this was a great competition to be their last.”