Senior Sunset will be held at the Bear Creek Park volleyball courts, on May 24, from 7-9 p.m. There will be burgers, hot dogs, and snacks provided. As well as yard games such as hillbilly horseshoe, can jam, and sand volleyball.

“This is a way for seniors to be together and celebrate one last time before graduation and summer,” said senior sponsor EmilyBoehringer, “At the beginning of the year they do senior sunrise to symbolize the beginning of their senior year, and the senior sunset is to watch the sunset together symbolizing the end of their senior year.”

Senior sunset is an opportunity for those students graduating to enjoy burgers made by principal Donnie Bartlett, as well as celebrate their graduation. They provided this because it gives everyone a chance to be apart of at least one graduation party.

“At graduation everyone is running around stressed and getting pictures with their family, this is a great way to celebrate with their classmates in a casual environment and just relax and have fun!” said Boehringer, “I like to think of it as a graduation party for the whole class. A lot of seniors can’t attend their friends graduation parties because everyone’s are the same day or same time. This is a way to see everyone and celebrate together.”