As the year draws to an end, many traditional events occur to provide students a couple fun, stress free night away from AP tests and finals. This allows a way to alleviate some of the pressure today’s students feel at the end of the year.

Bringing a night full of laughter and friends was the annual Talent Show, hosted by and a fundraiser for choir on Friday, May 4.

 “It was eye opening of the talent that’s at our school and [a] very fun way to spend a night cheering on my peers,” says sophomore Cassidy Thompson who was a spectator of the event.

Cracking jokes all night were hosts, Ben Metcalf and Principle Donnie Bartlett, who made students laugh all night long with impersonations of vampires, pirates and trivia questions about faculty. 

“They brought humor into the sections between shows so I was never bored,” Thompson recounted.

 The auditorium was packed full of students wanting to partake in one of the most popular events of the year. With 23 acts performing a variation of talents, judging was split into three categories; vocal with a track, live instrument, and variety in addition to one Grand Champion.

 Competing in the vocal with a track category were Claire Hill and Xavier Bailey who sang the song ‘No Peace’ by Sam Smith and Yebba, wanting “to do [their] best and entertain [their] friends”.

“We thought about this song over Christmas break but we didn’t even decide until the week of auditions,” Hill explained. “Once we started practicing it seemed to click so we ran it a few times the day of auditions and it was a really fun experience.”

The talent seen made it difficult to decide on the winner but substitute assistant choir director, Alexander Lopez, in the meanwhile improvised a song on piano and sang, making what would have been an awkward silence into something that connected the whole room together.

After much deliberation, however, the judges came to a final verdict electing junior Jordan Davis as Grand Champion.

“Everyday after school when I got home, I went straight to my living room, blasted the song over and over again until I fixed something i didn’t like or added something that would make the song more meaningful to myself,” Davis said. “My goal was to come home with a ribbon, no matter what the placement, but I never planned to get Grand Champion. I just didn’t think that that was a possibility.”

Everyone who participated did a job well done and deserved all the applause, including the standing ovation given at the finale, received.

A list of all performers along with the results can be found below:

Juan Hernandez – Second in Division

Mckenzye Nunley

Scout Schmidt

 Anthony Perkins

 Jacob Rivera

 Quinton Porter – Second in Division

 Ruth Ngeny

 Kevin Jeong – Third in Division

 The Ragtags:

Alexis Capitano, Reese Hyatt, Cooper Williams, Brendan Chucci, Jesse Hernandez – Third in Division

 Hutton Stiller

 Xavier Bailey and Claire Hill

 Floriana Azemi – First in Division

 Jared Gamber

 Emma Johnson

 Arieonna Nettles –  Second in Division

 Myakayla Mason

 Jesse Hernandez –  First in Division

 Hannah Freeman

 Alicia Ross

 Seth Storey

 Jordan Davis – Grand Champion

 Zack Lopez – First in Division

 Jesse Champion – Third in Division