Gun Control has become one of the biggest topics for our generation of students. The deaths and shooting events that have been going on since Colonial America have increased significantly over time. The issue on America’s mind today is whether or not to ban guns completely, add more restrictions, let it be, or even arm teachers.

Republicans more commonly believe that the second amendment protects their right to use a gun in whatever capacity that may mean- as long as it is not harming someone else. They see the use of guns as a philosophical issue and a cultural practice for Americans. In the south, where gun use is more common, it can sometimes be used for sustenance. The party also believes that it is up to the states to decide on such an issue. The Republicans have considered whether there would be a change in the amount of shootings in our nation if the guns are taken away, and they say there would be no change. Many Republicans also believe that there would be less violence if more people carried guns.

They do understand the need for gun reforms, seeing as there have been more than enough incidents to put some restrictions on the weapons. In 1988, they created the Undetectable Firearms Act which stated that if there are any materials or firearms that cannot be seen through an X-ray machine or metal detectors by security, then they cannot be used or owned by anyone in the country. They have continued to renew this act every since it was created.

Democrats are commonly stricter on the gun control issue. They respect the second amendment and do not wish to take away guns completely, but add more restrictions. They believe that the government should take control of this issue. The Democrats have done some work in order to make their beliefs a reality by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act in 1993 and the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994. Many Democrats also believe that there would be more violence if Americans carried guns and that there would be fewer mass shootings if it was harder to buy a gun.

While these sides have very different views, they do agree on some things. Many on both sides agree that assault weapons should not be in the hands of every American, as well as the need to track gun sales more effectively. They also agree that there should be more restrictions on gun sales, to make it harder to obtain them. There was an act that was passed in 2013 that was supported by both sides, called the Mental Health First Aid Act. This was used to provide money for mental health first aid training for first responders and others near the scene concerning crimes with gun violence. The act was sponsored by three Republican senators and six Democrat senators.

States should decide based on what happens in their districts- it is different for every area. There should be more restrictions on guns- background checks, social media checks, to alert the seller of anything that could be concerning. Social Media has been a big player in some of the mass shooters, so checking those sites could save lives. Assault weapons should not be in the hands of every American either. Other weapons can be used to keep up the cultural practices Americans hold tightly to.

The issue with banning them completely is, there will be other ways for people to kill others. Making every gun illegal will not solve the problem of evil in humanity. The bigger issue is the hatred and evil in someone, not the weapon they use. Also, the government can make anything illegal, but it will not stop the murderers from gaining what they want. If the government or states take away guns completely, average citizens will not be able to protect themselves from someone who has purchased an illegal gun. This is an issue of safety, and it is better that we are all protected than helpless and at the mercy of a criminal.