It’s almost time to return to the halls of Timber Creek High School — and as the 2018-2019 school year starts August 15, 2018, here’s everything you need to know.

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Home Access Center opened to high schools on Aug. 8 to display schedules for this upcoming school year. Please know that when you are viewing your schedules in HAC that these are not the final schedules. Counseling is going to help and take care of all students and want more than anything for everyone to have a great start and be in the right places.

Counseling is working diligently checking these for accuracy, filling missing classes, and balancing classes. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to make the beginning of the year the best ever!

There will be no printed schedules available for students on the first day of school. Students should check Home Access Center (HAC) to access their schedules. Every student goes to every class listed on their schedule, even if a schedule change is needed, until counseling meets with that student.

Home Access Center Information

As a parent of a new and/or returning Keller ISD student, you have the opportunity to view important information regarding your student(s) throughout the school year, including grades, attendance, assignments, etc…

In order to do so, you must create your Home Access Account (HAC) account by following the instructions via the link below or by visiting the Home Access Center page on our district website.

Email to Parents About HAC English/Spanish

Instructions to Create HAC Account English/Spanish

How to Read a Schedule

Schedule Problems

Scheduling for over 3,300 students is a extremely difficult job, so if there are problems with schedules, please be patient.

According to TCHS Counseling, schedule changes will be permitted for the following reasons:

  1. Students who have an incomplete schedule.
  2. Students taking the same class in which they’ve already received credit.
  3. Students with two classes at the same time.
  4. Students with two of the same classes on their schedule two times.
  5. Students with a core class missing.

Students that have schedule concerns should go to see their counselor in the cafeteria on the stage during 1st Period or during any lunch during the first two days of school. The Counselors will not be in the counseling office during the first two days of school.

If there is an unresolved issue after the first two days, students may e-mail their counselor to request assistance. Counselors will begin calling students down as by order of requests or by priority of need after the 1st two days of school. Don’t send multiple e-mails, please, that’ll just muck things up.

Again, you must follow the schedule provided until counseling makes an official schedule change. You should have 8 periods on the schedule. You must have one of each of the following core courses on your schedule (unless you are a Senior and have completed four already): English, Math, Science, Social Studies.

Your lunch period will be determined by your 3rd Period class. We don’t have the lunch lists yet, but you can check this page again when they’re ready. Your lunch might be different on A or B Days.

Elective classes will not be changed. If you signed up for the class last spring, those numbers were used to determine how many teachers are at the school to teach that course. Students who want to move down from Pre-AP or AP classes must wait until the SAVE process begins on the first day of the 3rd week of school. If you’d like to move up a level, contact your counselor.

Helpful Links You Might Want

Administrative Team
Use this link to find out who your administrators are.

Home Access Center (HAC)
Use this link to check your grades, find your classes, report card, transcript, and etc.

Counseling Corner
Use this link to find who you counselor is.

Use this link to access your student dashboard, etc.

Bell schedules
Use this link to find the bell schedules.

Use this link to access or turn in online assignments.

Use this link to stay updated on school news.
P.S. Yes, it’s weird that we’re linking to ourselves.

Reduced Lunch
Use this link to apply for free or reduced lunch.

Web Store
Use this link to purchase spirit items, pay club dues, etc.

Keller ISD Resources
Use this link to find more Keller ISD resources, specifically the Code of Conduct which outlines the district dress code.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Go to AP office and see Dana Strommen.

Your teacher will help with this.

Check the Web Store, link above.

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