One of the few clubs that actually includes all four schools in the Keller ISD District, the Rugby Club continues to strive for success, taking second place in the state title during the last two seasons. Created in 2016, the club keys in on playing specific competition in order to excel higher in their standings, traveling across Texas, and even to nearby states. Being around for three years, the club has grown in total members and recognition, however losing key athletes after the 2018 class graduation. With the team relying on numbers to be successful, the number of players can range from seven to 30 athletes on the field at one time. With the new school year of 2018-2019 beginning, here’s some more information on how to get involved with the club. 

Getting Involved:

Students can attend one of the practices. With the first practice of the year beginning on Saturday, Sept. 15, the tryouts allows the coaches to scout out talent, as well as exemplify all that the season will lead to. Students will only be playing touch, similiar to two-hand touch football. Players will be working out and pushing themselves during this first practice. Coach Chris Morrison, will be teaching players how to play the sport safely, and the team will also require CIP, also know as Classification of Instructional Programs. Getting a CIP Insurance represents to the USA Rugby organization an acknowledgement that a athlete understands the rules of the game and accepts the fact that they could be injured in certain circumstances. Ensuring that USA Rugby organization will cover payments in the case of injury during a game, the CIP Insurance costs $95, and covers a player for an entire season of rugby. 


Rugby will have meetings during the school year in a classroom to introduce new members to the sport. They will share information they will need to know for the season. Getting in contact with one of the players will better a students chances of knowing when and where practices are, and what to expect during the competitive season.

Once the practices get farther into the year and closer to game days, athletes will begin playing tackle. For girls, the team has coordinated with a Lewisville school in order to have a wider turnout at practices, meaning that some girls practices will be held in Lewisville. However, boys team will hold the majority of their practices at the Keller Youth Association fields and will include players from Keller, Central, and Fossil Ridge high schools. More information on practices will be announced soon.


If you are interested in joining the Timber Creek Rugby Club please contact one of these people.  

Chris Morrison:

Cathryn Corona (photographer):, or contact (817) 374-2983.