With the amount of traffic on and around campus, it is very important to TCHS Security that parking is maintained in an orderly fashion. In order to accommodate the needs of our students, faculty, staff and guests we have established parking guidelines that are designed to eliminate confusion and parking overflow, and help guarantee a space for those who have purchased parking permits.

We ask that you please take a moment to read through our parking guidelines and that you adhere to them while on campus in order to avoid the additional expense, and consequence of “booting.”

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Security Officers are present to help students and to prevent problems. Security Officers are to be respected and their reasonable requests obeyed. The Security Officers have been trained to work respectfully with students and monitor student behavior appropriately. It is the student’s responsibility to stop and show their dismissal pass, parking permit, or ID/driver’s license respectfully to the Officer.


Students who violate the KISD Student Code of Conduct and have been granted parking privileges are in violation and subject to suspension of parking privileges as a consequence as stated, “Withdrawal of privileges, …Restriction or revocation of district transportation privileges.”


No student shall be permitted to leave campus during lunch except as approved by the principal, on a case-by-case basis in response to a parent’s written request. Students who leave campus during lunch or at any other time without administrative approval shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. [See policies at FEE]


Students are not authorized to leave campus during regular school hours for any other reason, without parent permission and signing out through the attendance office. Students who leave campus in violation of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.”


Students without permits may purchase a One-Day Pass from the Security Office for $2.00 per day. The pass is good to park one day in the GENERAL LOT only. Students who attempt to purchase a One-Day Pass while on parking suspension risk having their annual parking pass revoked for the remainder of the school year.


All vehicles are required to park within one properly marked designated parking space. Vehicles parked in areas other than designated for parking will be in violation. lf your vehicle tires are over the lined space and begin to take additional space in the next stall it is a violation. Due to limited parking spaces, purchasing more than one reserved space for one vehicle is prohibited and in violation.


No vehicle shall block any driveway within the property at any time. Blocking or preventing entry or exiting of vehicles into any area is a violation.


No person shall park a vehicle in or on a sidewalk at any time. A vehicle left (attended or unattended) that causes pedestrians to go around the vehicle is in violation. This type of violation creates a safety hazard.


No vehicle shall park in an area that their issued permit is not valid or lot signage dictates. From 7am-5pm Monday• Friday all ON CAMPUS lots are restricted to specific permits. Parking in restricted lots or spaces during the posted restrictions without the proper permit required is in violation, this includes visitor lots/spaces, faculty lots/spaces, or reserved spaces.


All personal vehicles are required to have a valid TCIIS PARKING PERMIT/DAILY PASS AT ALL TIMES. All TCHS parking permits and daily passes must be clearly displayed at all times when the vehicle is parked on campus. Failure to display a valid TCHS parking permit/daily pass will be in a violation.


All TCHS general parking permits (window sticker) must be displayed from the lower left hand (driver’s side) corner of the windshield. Permits must be affixed to the windshield solely by the adhesive on the permit. No tape nor any additional adhesive is allowed. No plastic can be attached to this window sticker. No upside down permits. Failure to display the TCHS parking permit properly, as required will be in violation.


All vehicles that shall possess a TCHS parking permit MUST be registered with the Security Office. This includes any secondary vehicle. Any vehicle parked on the property displaying a valid TCHS permit, but is not registered with the Security office is in violation.


No student, faculty, staff, guest or vendors shall park in any reserved/assigned spaces at any time unless you are the owner of that space and have properly displayed the required permit. Those vehicles parked in such spaces without displaying the proper permit will be in violation and subject to citation, immobilization and/or tow. Vehicles parked in a reserved parking space other than assigned by the Security Office will be in violation.


No vehicle shall park in any area /space designated as restricted. Restricted areas have required signage that dictates what type of valid KISD permits are allowed. Please read signage at the entrance to all lots and open areas on the campus prior to parking. Failure to read the posted signs or adhere to its listed restrictions will be in violation.


No vehicle may park in any area identified and/or posted as a FIRE LANE for any period of time. Vehicles parked in these areas will be in violation and are subject to citation and/or tow.


It is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons and disabled veterans pursuant to Section 225 l l .7 or 2251 l .8, unless the vehicle displays either a special identification license plate issued pursuant to Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued pursuant to Section 22511.55 or 22511.59. A student utilizing a disabled parking placard is also required to display a valid TCHS PARKING PERMIT.


Any vehicle that has been cited for various violation(s) and previously issued warnings and/or consistently in violation of parking rule/regulation will be “booted.” For a “Boot” to be released, the “Boot” release fee of $25 must first be paid.

Damaging/removing the immobilization parking device (the “Boot”) plus any replacement cost associated for its repair or replacement deemed by the Security Office will be a violation and subject to replacement cost, police citation for property damage/criminal mischief and/or tow.


Any vehicle displaying a TCHS parking permit that has been altered is subject to immobilization and related fees which may include usage fees.


Any vehicle displaying a TCHS parking permit or pass that is a forgery (ie: photocopy, picture of, etc) is subject to immobilization and related fees which may include usage fees, including suspension of parking privileges.


 Category I Violations

  • Parking outside painted lines,
  • Loitering/Littering in parking lot,
  • Parking in other than assigned lot,
  • Improper permit display,
  • Student in lot without a permit from the office,
  • Inaccurate vehicle registration,
  • Parking without a permit.

Category I: Minimum Consequences

The consequences for Category I violations are progressive.

  • First Violation: Written warning to student.
  • Second Violation: “Boot” with $25 removal fee.
  • Third Violation: Five school days parking suspension.
  • Fourth Violation: Permit revoked for up to one six-week period with no refund.
  • Littering: One-hour campus clean-up in addition.

Category II Violations

  • Reckless driving/reckless behavior,
  • Leaving campus unexcused (truancy),
  • Forging a pass, note; using another student’s pass to leave; person other than parent/guardian call in permission to leave,
  • Insubordination to Security Officer/staff; failure to stop for SRO/Security Officer/staff.

Category II: Minimum Consequences

The consequences for Category II violations are progressive. Each infraction is an individual violation. If a student commits two or more Category II infractions, the permit may be revoked for the remaining school year.

  • First Violation: 10 school days parking suspension
  • Second Violation: Permit revoked with no refund

Category Ill Violations

  • Parking under suspended permit,
  • Tampering/removal of “boot”,
  • Vandalism

Category III: Minimum Consequences

  • First Violation: Permit revoked with no refund
  • Application of car boot with $25 removal fee
  • Police report and enforcement of applicable School District policies
  • Payment of damages/police report
  • Out of School Suspension

Category IV Violations

  • Forging permit(s),
  • Purchasing a permit for another student,
  • Parking after permit revocation,
  • Stealing permit,
  • Leaving the scene of an accident; failure to report an accident

Category IV: Minimum Consequences

  • Unable to buy permit
  • Police report
  • Out of School Suspension

Timber Creek High School Parking Agreement

 Vehicles parked on Timber Creek High School property are under the jurisdiction of Timber Creek High School. Parking permits may be obtained for $50.00.

According to local policy (FNF Local), Administrators may conduct searches of vehicles on school property any time there is reasonable cause to do so. Refusal of consent will result in a loss of parking privileges and possible involvement of law enforcement.

A student has full responsibility for the security of his/her vehicle and must make certain it is locked and that the keys to the vehicle are not given to others. Timber Creek High School is NOT responsible for loss or damages which occur while vehicles are parked on school property.

All students regardless of age, will be held responsible for any prohibited objects or substances, such as alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, weapons, etc. that are found in his/her car and will be subject to disciplinary action by Keller ISO, as well as possible involvement of law enforcement.

Students must purchase a TCHS parking permit prior to parking on Timber Creek High School property. Additional tags may be purchased when lost or damaged for a cost of $25.00.

Parking stickers will NOT be sold or issued with incomplete paperwork. The parking information application must have all information completed and the parking regulations application must have both parent/guardian and student signatures (even if student is 18). We must have accurate information for each parking permit sold.

Sharing of parking permits is not permitted and may result in the loss of parking privileges. The submission of fraudulent or incorrect vehicle identification information may result in the revocation of parking privileges.

A student will not display any item on his/her vehicle which may be interpreted as offensive. The offensive nature of an object will be determined at the discretion of the TCHS administration.

Any student parked in a handicapped parking space (without a handicapped permit), teacher’s lot, visitor’s lot, striped area, fire lanes, or other unauthorized areas will be subject to having his/her vehicle immobilized (booted) or towed at owner’s expense, loss of parking privileges, and/or disciplinary actions.

If vehicle is immobilized, a $25.00 removal fee will be charged. If vehicle is immobilized because student has not purchased a parking permit, the boot will not be removed until a permit is purchased and the removal fee is paid. Boots will be removed after the regular school day has ended. Vehicles that create safety or access problems may be towed, without warning, at owner’s expense.

The progression of disciplinary action is as follows: 1st Offense:

Vehicle immobilized, $25.00 removal fee, ISS and/or Saturday School. Parent Contacted.

2nd Offense:

Vehicle immobilized, $25.00 removal fee and possible disciplinary action, Student may be banned from parking on TCHS property for a period of time to be determined by administrator. Parent contacted.

Click here for full rules and application for parking.

Parking Map

Check out this map for details on parking spots.