Michelle Somerhalder, originally named to lead Timberview Middle School, returned to Timber Creek to serve as the new principal to kick start the school’s 10-year anniversary.

Her experience as a teacher and administrator has earned her a good representation throughout the district.

She was inspired by her mentor and former high school Spanish teacher, which led to her majoring in the language. She began her career teaching Spanish for seven years at Decatur High School in 2004. From 2011-2015, Somerhalder was Assistant Principal at Keller Middle School. She has been serving as an Assistant Principal at Timber Creek for three years.

Somerhalder took up the principal position at Timberview, and began preparing for about a week. She attended the events, got to know the students, and really immersed herself in the culture there. She was then presented with the position of principal at Timber Creek.

”This is my family, I’ve been here for three years,” said Somerhalder. “I love the Falcon family, I love everything Timber Creek is about, and I love our traditions.”

This year, she’s been working with other principals and administrators to build feeder pattern unity. The formation of the established feeder pattern is going to be seen through Timber Creek’s 10th year celebration. For example, with the school’s planned carnival, Somerhalder has asked each school to have a booth present to show the connection.

“I’m gonna be visiting the other campuses and letting them see that this is a high school,” said Somerhalder. “And bringing our Timber Creek Falcons down and letting [the younger students] see what they are participating in. I want kids to look up to them and say ‘I want that to be me someday.’”

Somerhalder has attempted to have more of the Falcon family in her famously known selfies on Twitter. Somerhalder has been making an effort to get to know all the organizations and show them that she cares about each of them. From early morning practices to staff development meetings, Somerhalder has shown the many faces of Timber Creek alongside her.

“I’ve really been trying to see every single group, I want to get to know them to let them know I support them. We are doing great things as Falcons,” said Somerhalder.

Somerhalder has many plans for the upcoming year, one of which includes installing a large bronze falcon at the front of the school by May of 2019. From carnivals to silent auctions, fun-runs to essay contests with feeder patterns, there are many plans in store to celebrate 10 years of being a Falcon.

There are also plans of commemorating teachers and staff who have been here for 10 years. They are planned to receive t-shirts, commemorative coins, and more. Furthermore, any of those who have been through Timber Creek will have the option to buy a brick with their name on it to be permanently installed in the new Garden of Hope that will be installed between Center hall and South Hall.

“I’m very dedicated to being a Falcon, I really want everyone to be challenged and to soar to new heights,” said Somerhalder. “I want to make Timber Creek a learning environment where people are trying new things, not afraid to fail, and just want them to know we are all here to support them. We’re a very inclusive staff and student body where we’re accepting of everyone and I want people to feel comfortable and find their place. I’ll be using the term falcon family a lot, because we really are a family.”