With the amount of students at Timber Creek, there are numerous clubs and organizations one can be a part of. There are over 60 clubs and organizations on campus. The main problem with clubs is that students join them and later on drop out. Students drop out often because they weren’t expecting the club to be that much work and they get overwhelmed with their school work cutting in, or are overzealous in what they can handle.

Before one makes a commitment to a club and pays the needed dues, they should definitely research and see what the club is about beforehand. Participating in extracurricular activities is common in high school. Almost every student is involved in some kind of club or organization. When students join clubs without being properly educated on them, they often don’t like the club or don’t agree with the clubs views so they want to “resign” from the club altogether.

With the primary amount of clubs, cords can be attained for seniors. Unfortunately, students often join clubs for the sole purpose of obtaining the cord. Getting a cord is a huge deal, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why one joins a club. Students that join for this purpose don’t participate and still expect to receive physical representation of their “hard work”.

If one is only in a club to get a cord for praise or notoriety, then it keeps them from having the fun and experiences that come from fully immersing oneself in it. It makes you seem like you are only in it for the prize at the end of the year, to look like a “well-decorated” student at graduation.

Clubs are a huge deal for students. Colleges like to see what kind of extracurriculars a student is a part of and how involved one is in their school. Dropping out is not the way to go. When students drop out of clubs it just shows that they don’t believe in themselves and that they aren’t willing to put in the effort, which is disappointing because every single person has the potential to achieve greatness in whatever they are interested in. 

Feeling like dropping out because you are not used to the way things are going is normal. Try to be an example to younger students, however, and stick with your commitments. Finish out what you started if you can help it.

In the condition that one should decide the club they have chosen isn’t a good fit, and the best choice is to drop out, instead of doing it randomly, it is more respectful and effective to talk to the club sponsor and tell them that the club just isn’t what was anticipated

Being in a club takes a lot of dedication. Staying in the club is highly beneficial. It is an opportunity to make new friends, try new things, or turn an interest into a career.

Clubs will benefit you more than you know. Find a club that interests you and that makes you happy. Or even start a club. Challenge yourself in new ways by being involved in numerous clubs, and stay in them.

As life coach David Allen once said, “Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.”