Falcon swimmers dove into the beginning of the 2018-2019 season this past Saturday, Sept. 15 at the sprint invitational meet. With a plethora of freshmen additions and newly elected captains, the team is rebuilding like never before. The legacy of previous swimmers shines through in the leadership of the captains and strengthens the bond between teammates.

“We have a lot of new strong members with…potential that I think will take us far,” said junior, Serena Shabout, one of the four captains of the team.

In addition to team goals, each swimmer has set an individual finish line for themselves with high expectations. Pushing their own boundaries, the swimmers are aspiring to surpass their previous accomplishments and take the team further than before. Whether it’s breaking a school record, or improving times across the board, the team has a lot in store for this season.

“[I want] to improve my endurance and exceed my best times,” said sophomore, Amelia Cicerelli, adding onto Shabout’s goals to “…break [her] record again and go further at the Regional meet”.

Many seniors on the team hold an influential leadership position due to their dedication to the team for the past three years. Their influence and stance within the team has inspired many to leave legacies to uphold team traditions and further improve the team.

“The type of legacy I plan to leave once I graduate, is one my brother did his best to uphold,” said senior, Colin Warwick. “To do the best you can to better yourself and push as hard as you can to achieve your goals.”

The team hopes to send a greater number of athletes to state after making school history in the 2017-2018 season with qualifying sophomore, Maci Finder, and push beyond their accomplishments of previous seasons.