Language is an important part of any culture, and learning about a new one can be a very enriching, albeit difficult, experience. Timber Creek is very fortunate to have a wide variety of language classes offered that give students a choice of which foreign culture they’d like to further study.

While Spanish is one of the most taken foreign classes at Timber Creek, it is also one of the most loved as it has a club that provides a fun way to learn and experience the Spanish culture.

“Spanish Club is all about exploring the various hispanic and latin cultures through food, traditions, parties and celebrations in a manner that would help us both learn and appreciate,” Spanish club member, Britney Nguyen said.

What started out as a small group of students wanting to go to culture night at a Maverick’s basketball game, quickly evolved into a large organization that now requires all new members to go through an application process. Spanish Club has been around since the opening of the school so while it is the 10 year anniversary of Timber Creek, it is also the 10 year anniversary of Spanish Club.

“It was kind of by accident,” Sponsor Teresa Williams stated about the derivation of the club. “The kids wanted to learn more about the culture and we [said] we can provide that for you.”

Spanish Club is a student run organization looking to make an impact in the school. They do so through one of their semi-annual activities: a service project called ‘Beautification’. The club aims to have it at least once a semester, with the most recent one taking place on Monday, Sept. 10.

“We walk around the campus with trash bags and pick up as much trash as we can,” Spanish Club President Kristen Drumm explained. “We also donate items or money to different organizations or causes.”

The Spanish Club meets after school on the third Wednesday of every month, and always provides food for its members. Students will come in, find a plate, load it with some snacks, and find a seat. The officers will start by stating any upcoming events and then will do a cultural lesson over a Spanish speaking country.

“Anyone can join Spanish Club, even if you don’t speak Spanish,” Officer of Membership and Retention Eesha Desai said. “There is a fee of $10 and there is free food at every meeting.”

Spanish Club is unique in the way that such a large part of its purpose is to bring students with a common interest together, and it seeks to better the campus. It is a deeply ingrained part of our school.

“All of these events have allowed me to grow closer with students and create a bond over our love for the Spanish language and culture,” Drumm says.