Writing is an art that frees the soul, providing the creator an avenue through which they can express themselves in ways they may not be able to elsewhere. When a pencil meets paper or fingers meet keyboard, the possibilities are endless – entire worlds can be created, characters are brought to life, the struggles one person may go through can be shared with others who have experienced similar things.

The first Creative Writing Club meeting of the school year will be held after school this Wednesday, Sept. 19, in room C118.

Nona Kummell, Creative Writing and English teacher, has inspired countless young writers to pursue their creative interests and encourages more to do by sponsoring the new Creative Writing Club.

Club President, Megan Goin plans for the club to act as a writing workshop, where students can share their work together and receive feedback from fellow authors. This type of constructive criticism will help students improve their writing skills and generate new ideas as a collective body of creative minds.