At the upcoming TCHS 10-Year Anniversary Carnival on Monday, Oct. 15 students will have a sweet opportunity to throw pie at a teacher. In order for a staff member to be the lucky winner of the pie, they must get the most donations from students on their behalf. Students have the opportunity to donate during all lunches on Friday, Oct. 12 in the cafeteria, as well as the day of the carnival, Oct. 15.

The faculty members that could potentially receive a pie to the face are Daniel Ward, Michael Otto, Daniel Comiskey, Melissa Taylor, Alyson Neeley, Benjamin Metcalf, Catherine Reeves, Christopher Meadows, Greg Janda and Principal Michelle Somerhalder.

Not only will these staff members be available to get a pie thrown in their face, but on the day of the carnival, attendees will also have the opportunity to pie their peers on the debate team for free. The debaters that are able to be pie’d for free at the carnival are Gus Jones, Michael Fish, Abby Pinkerton, and Gabe Austin.

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