Identity. It is something we all possess, the thing that makes us who we are. Yet we so often find ourselves covering up our identities with false pretenses, hiding behind a mask of qualities that aren’t even our own. However, one place that will always welcome individuality is the world of art.

Submissions for the Fall 2018 Art and Literature Magazine will be open from Oct. 16 – Nov. 16 and are open to all Timber Creek students. We hope to include a variety of literary and artistic pieces, anything from short stories, poems, song lyrics, scripts, drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital art, photography and so much more.

Art comes in many forms but it all has a common goal – it strives to tell a story, to share an experience, to reveal a truth. It is an outlet through which an individual may bring to light the often overlooked similarities within each of us or discuss the difficult situations of life. Art inspires thought and thought inspires action.

The theme for the Fall 2018 magazine is “Identity.” Please submit any piece that represents you or something you stand for. We would like to showcase the unique personalities of Timber Creek. Written works should stay within the 1,500 word limit. You may submit your works by emailing or filling out the form below.

Timber Creek may seem like a small platform compared to big publishing houses or art companies, but this school is still one of many stepping stones toward a future of success. The Timber Creek Art and Literature Magazine serves as a space for students to share their creative works and have their voices heard in this world of people who so often speak over one another.

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