The Timber Creek Swim Team is offering Falcon spirit wear to raise money for new parkas and equipment. Orders are due by Oct. 15, and items will delivered about two weeks after. The store has a vast item selection including but not limited to jackets, pants, shorts and a tumbler. Many items can also be personalized for as little as $5 extra.

“I think it’s a great and different way to get money and there’s a bunch of cool merchandise for everyone,” swimmer Montserrat Luna said.

At swim meets and early morning practices, the swimmers get cold and their muscles tense up, making swimmers not ready to perform at their best level. Parkas provide a way of warmth, while also inspiring team uniformity. 

To ensure that everyone on the team will receive a good quality parka, the swim team is hoping to sell at least 200 items.

“It’s a great idea as it reaches a wide selection of people with Timber Creek swim attire as just Timber Creek attire,” swimmer Carolyn Kosek explained.

Order spirit wear at